“Before Neuro Skills training I was chasing clients. It was stressing me out, but since then I've figured it out. I've used a more holistic approach to developing my clients by giving them more options. Like Neuro, I'm developing my mind to be stronger, which is translating into making my clients stronger from the inside-out. This is because Neuro changes the way I develop the people I work with, and since then my business has been flourishing. Because of Neuro I was able to better organize my company. Neuro is the spark-plug to make things happen. It has allowed me to develop for my business a continuation of what Neuro gives my mind: the system to accomplish goals in a purposeful way. I can handle things that used to be difficult because of the clarity Neuro gives my mind. I can visualize the plan, stay on point, and I can do the work more thoroughly. I have more clients and make more money because of this approach from Neuro. Since starting the Neuro Skills training I've been able to compartmentalize my brain activity and become faster with decision making. I feel that I organize better and I am more thoughtful in everything I do, which translates to my relationships with family and with clients. I'm more efficient with my time, getting maximum production in limited time. I have streamlined a lot of my business, have gotten more detailed, have a lot more clarity, and now have a lot more excitement about what I'm doing!”

Perez Mattison

CEO & Business Owner

“Because of my Neuro Skills training my ability to multitask has taken on a new level of clarity and resolution. I have been able to come up with solutions and ideas faster. It has become as easy to communicate to others as introducing myself.”

Julie Vosburgh

Award-Winning Executive Director

“Since starting Neuro Skills coaching in the midst of the pandemic, my business partner and I have put together a 58-page business plan, including full financial modeling. We secured an investor who is buying us a 20 million dollar building (41,700 square feet). In just 6 months our business has gone from an idea to actively purchasing a building, seeking a 2 million dollar operational investment, and opening our doors in a few months. Without Neuro, formulating this business would have taken much longer. The pace is quite impressive. Neuro has allowed us to find alignment and forward momentum faster than we ever thought possible. Neuro fast-tracked our communication, idea-generation, and collaboration.”

Jenna Wilcox
Business Owner

“All the capacities of my brain are now available ... with Neuro training I have developed consistency and a process to my career as a screenwriter. I've made connections that have expanded my career skills in each targeted area. I've adopted new ways of practicing my skills and new processes within my craft. It has definitely enhanced my career because I've been meeting my deadlines. As I write dialogue, my ideas come more fluidly. My mind and body now function more efficiently and consistently. Because of Neuro my writing has improved dramatically!”

Francis Lansang
Business Owner & Screenwriter

“Since starting the Neuro Skills program I've been having a lot more thoughts and creative ideas at work. It's coming easier. Ideas are coming clearly and I can roll that out for my employees.”

Brian Labonte

District Manager

“Since starting the Neuro Skills training I get more enthusiastic and emotional about my business ideas. It makes me realize that balance is a pattern in all walks of life. The Neuro exercises help me put things together to balance my business and career skills.”

Milley Aalto


“My clarity is getting better from doing these Neuro exercises. My time blocking has been getting a lot better. My short-term memory has improved and my ability to focus on tasks and follow-through has increased. My ability to complete tasks is getting easier and it frees up a lot of mental energy. I'm better able to step back and see the broader picture of my business. This helps me make much better business decisions.”

Adam Cox

Business Owner