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“It has been an extreme blessing and advantage working with Nathan as my Neuro Skills Coach....

Neuro training has enhanced my game – with focus levels and reacting to different patterns in certain game situations. I was able to fix problems quicker, lock in at bats, and stay in the moment in games and in practice. The game felt slower – more in my control.”

Nick Gonzales

Before Neuro 1.081 OPS

(Cape Cod League–2019)

to after Neuro 1.765 OPS D1–2020 NCAA Leader in OPS, HR, RBI.

“Doing the Neuro program allowed me to learn sequences easier and see a few pitches ahead in any count. It helped my focus on the ultimate task at hand and allowed me to block out any outside noise or distractions. The program helped me develop in areas I may have been uncomfortable or uncertain in earlier, and perform in situations to the best of my ability.”

Logan Hofmann

Before Neuro 3.38 ERA (Cape Cod League–2019) to after Neuro 0.00 ERA D1–2020

 NCAA Leader in ERA.

“While doing Neuro, my baseball skills increased and the game became easier. It felt like I was able to process information and predict situations faster than I ever have before.”

Kyle Battle
Before Neuro hit .817 OPS (D1–2019) and after Neuro hit 1.183 OPS (D1–2020) and 1.145 OPS (D1–2021).

“Since the day I began this program I knew it was going to help me in countless ways. I’ve developed much more focus and my processing speed has increased greatly. My awareness for the game and my confidence have also increased from doing this program. I believe every baseball player can benefit from this program and take their performance to the next level.”

Matt Schroer

Before Neuro had a 9.95 ERA (JC–2019). After Neuro had a 3.38 ERA (JC–2020).

“Helps my hand-eye coordination when I am in the box – to hit more balls with the barrel. It has also helped me recognize pitches out of the pitcher's hand faster. I can see the change-up grip or curveball grip while the pitcher is releasing the ball. It has been a huge advantage for me determining whether to swing or not.... I batted .410 overall including playoffs and led the league in walks. This thing is really helping my concentration. I also wanted to thank you.”

Caleb Ward

Before Neuro hit .825 OPS (D1–2019) and

after Neuro hit 1.124 OPS

(Valley Baseball League–2019).

“Neuro helped my game by having fun on the mound, always in a good mood, the right mindset, and it showed on the mound. One of the biggest things was being able to read hitters better. I could tell how to approach each hitter and how to dominate.”

Hunter Gregory

Before Neuro had a 4.05 ERA (D1–2019), and after Neuro had a 1.69 ERA (D1–2020).

“The Neuro program is amazing! The amount of barrel I catch is out of this world. Concentration, not just on the field, but also throughout everyday life is off the charts as well!”

Terrell Huggins
Before Neuro hit .739 OPS (JC–2019) and after Neuro hit .901 OPS (JC–2020) and
1.052 OPS (JC–2021).

“The game seems slower and I feel more confident at the plate. I owe a great deal of my successes to Nathan. ... As I combine the Neuro Skills training with this Fitness program, it makes me feel like I'm thinking right as my body is performing correctly – at peak performance. I became the best version of myself. On this diet and program it's the best I've ever felt in my life. Everything in life feels better. I gained muscle and I got into the best shape of my life!”

Josh Wunnenberg
Before Neuro hit .733 OPS (JC–2019) and after Neuro hit
.910 OPS (JC–2020) and
1.125 OPS (NAIA Divison 1–2021).

“I can say confidently that there is no Neuro training program as in-depth and well thought-out as this one. Nathan covers all aspects of the brain and body, and does a great job making his ideas actionable for all of us....

I can certainly tell you that Neuro training is the future of sports.”

Jakob Pigati

Before Neuro hit .702 OPS (JC–2019) and after Neuro hit 1.200 OPS (Rocky Mountain Baseball League–2019).

“Before Neuro training my defense was sloppy and my hitting was pretty off and on. But since Neuro training my defense at shortstop got extremely good: catching the ball, rarely any mistakes, and accurate throws to first base. My bat feels like a different bat now: I've been barreling up balls a lot more recently.”

Alex Rodriguez
University of Southern California


“Since starting Neuro Skills training my shooting has gotten much better. My body awareness while shooting has improved dramatically. My ability to hit tough fade-aways and difficult off-balance shots has also improved dramatically. When defending, my ability to read the players on offense has greatly improved. Offensively, my ability to make reads and make the right decisions has improved. Nathan's Neuro program is best designed for the dynamic game of basketball. It's a perfect fit!”

Jordan Wunnenberg
Ottawa University Basketball

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