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Neuro Skills Programs

This Will Not Only Enhance Your Career and Your Success, but This Will Change Your Life.

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The Wave of the Future.

VIP Customized

NS Coach visits you for quarterly in-person sessions.

Add more in-person visits (travel costs = $5k/trip) as needed.

Unlimited virtual sessions via Zoom or FaceTime.

Tutoring sessions weekly, as needed.

Pay Monthly: $3k + travel costs

(*3 months payment to start training).

$50k/year (includes travel costs);

upfront payment saves 6k.


*Yearly Commitment Required for All Programs

Virtual Customized

Weekly one-on-one Zoom sessions.

Full access to all Membership Benefits.

Customized and tailored to your career goals.

$2k/month (*3 months payment to start training).


$20k/year; upfront payment saves $4k.

Image by Amy Humphries

Your Future.

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