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Neuro Skills Introductions

This Will Not Only Enhance Your Career and Your Success, but This Will Change Your Life.

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The Wave of the Future.

3-Person Group Text Intro

Hey [Friend's Name],

Hope you're doing well!

Remember our discussion about my neuro coach helping my [game or business]?

I'd like to introduce you to Nathan.

He's incredible at what he does and can help you take your [business or game] to the next level.

Nathan, meet [Friend's Name], he's interested in learning more about your services. You two can take it from here and make it happen!

Best, [Your Name]

3-Person Email Introduction

Subject: Introduction to Neuro Skills Coach

Hi [Friend's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to introduce you to Nathan Biddulph, the founder of Neuro Skills Coach. Nathan specializes in neuro-cognitive coaching, catering to professional athletes, high-level executives, and everyone in between. You can learn more about Nathan's work at

Nathan, meet [Friend's Name]. They are an amazing [professional] I've had the pleasure of working with since [year].

I thought it would be great for you two to connect, whether it's for [Friend's Name]'s career, or simply to chat about [business or sport]. I'll leave that up to you both!

Looking forward to seeing what comes of this connection.

Best regards, [Your Name]

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Your Future.

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