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“As I combine the Neuro Skills training with this Fitness program, it makes me feel like I'm thinking right as my body is performing correctly – at peak performance. I became the best version of myself. On this diet and program it's the best I've ever felt in my life. Everything in life feels better. I gained muscle and I got into the best shape of my life!”

Josh Wunnenberg
College StudentAthlete

“Neuro training with Nathan has opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at enhanced performance in my career, as well as my day to day life. Neuro training has showed me that the most important connections to develop are with your brain, and the rest of your body will follow with a seemingly easy high-level performance.”

Jake Bean

NHL Defenseman

“Since Neuro Skills training ... my coordination, hand-eye, and balance have become noticeably much better. I feel lighter on my feet and am moving with ease. ... It makes everything else easier!”

Alex Nedeljkovic

NHL Goaltender

“I see progress every week doing this Neuro Skills program ... and am more aware of where my body is in space - with increased spatial awareness. I'm getting a lot better and I'm seeing the improvement!”

Jameson Taillon

MLB Starting Pitcher

“I can see and feel everything improving weekly as I go deeper and deeper into Neuro. I can now better sequence my body as my brain puts my body into positions: everything moves as one, in sync, and smoother without forcing it.”

Xzavion Curry
Cleveland Indians Org.

“Since starting the Neuro Skills program my pitching velocity jumped a solid 3 to 4 miles per hour. I feel more in-tune with my body.”

Koty Fallon

San Diego Padres Org.

“Ever since starting Neuro Skills training my reaction-based skills have dramatically improved. Pattern recognition has become second nature. I've been able to self-correct due to increased body awareness.”

Logan Driscoll

Tampa Bay Rays Org.

“Since starting the Neuro Skills program, I'm more focused in my thought process at the plate and feel more controlled in my leg kick and body movements at the plate”

Joey Ortiz

Baltimore Orioles Org.

Graeme Stinson

Tampa Bay Rays Org.

“The Neuro Skills program has helped me improve my body awareness, attention to detail, and to recognize patterns on and off the field.”

“Since starting the Neuro Skills training I've developed a natural consistency and ability to stay within a good routine. Both my body awareness and control are deeper. I have better ability to work through things at the plate - like balance and body control.”

Tyler Malone

San Diego Padres Org.

Alex Roth

Pittsburgh Pirates Org.

“The biggest thing I've noticed since doing Neuro is being able to self-correct and adjust my mechanics. For example, I notice the way my pitches roll off my fingers, which improves accuracy and the movement I want for my pitches.”

“Neuro training is really big for my processing speed ... I also have more awareness with my body, which is in tune with my brain.”

Will Benson
Cleveland Indians Org.


“Since starting Neuro Skills training I have a better feel for my body in space through increased body awareness. My footwork has improved a ton. I'm more coordinated – my upper body and lower body are more sequenced.”

Ben Brecht
Tampa Bay Rays Org.

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