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“Since starting Neuro training I feel like I've improved a thousand times. Feels like I'm becoming more accurate and that my focus is more refined. With more specific training it seems like processes that felt cloudy prior are feeling a lot more clear. Really love where this is taking me.”

Josh Bell

MLB All-Star First Baseman

“Since Neuro Skills training I've been locating pucks in traffic a lot better. My anticipation with plays on the ice (other guys' tendencies and plays being made) has improved. My coordination, hand-eye, and balance have become noticeably much better. I feel lighter on my feet and am moving with ease. I've been making more saves and blocks. I feel under control - no more panic or scramble. It makes everything else easier!”

Alex Nedeljkovic

NHL Goaltender

“I see progress every week doing this Neuro Skills program. My brain is expanding. I'm much sharper, have increased focus, and am more aware of where my body is in space - with increased spatial awareness. I'm getting a lot better and I'm seeing the improvement!”

Jameson Taillon

MLB Starting Pitcher

“Since Neuro training my hands feel smoother. My vision has gotten better on the ice. My processing speed has increased. Things have slowed down on the ice. I can now process two or more things at once: I can multitask better. I deflect pucks more consistently. I pick up passes and handle the puck easier.”

Max McCormick

NHL Forward

“Since starting Neuro Skills training I’ve noticed that my focus levels have increased tremendously. This translates into my hitting, as I have never felt the ball jump off my bat like it has now. The effortless swing is producing a sound I’ve also never heard in my entire baseball career. If I happen to fail on a bad swing or two it doesn’t linger into twenty or a scuffle week of hitting. I am able to quickly process what I need to feel with my swing to get me back on track – which also allows me to be more consistent. As an athlete we’re always trying to find a way to push ourselves to be better, and for a period of time (after already making it to the big leagues) I didn’t know how to do that. Being introduced to Nathan’s neuro program has answered a lot of those questions for myself.”

Daniel Robertson

MLB Shortstop

“Neuro training with Nathan has opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at enhanced performance in my career, as well as my day to day life. Neuro training has showed me that the most important connections to develop are with your brain, and the rest of your body will follow with a seemingly easy high-level performance.”

Jake Bean

NHL Defenseman

“Neuro training has allowed me to feel the baseball coming off my fingertips better than ever. The spin patterns of my pitches have improved. My subconscious mind now takes over on the mound, so I don't have to over-emphasize a conscious game plan.”

Cody Ponce

    MLB Starting Pitcher

“Working with Nathan has significantly developed my hockey career, particularly with respect to my decision-making and play-making abilities, movement of the puck, and my ability to get shots through traffic and on net. Nathan dedicates quality time to help develop me as a player, and I am grateful for the advances it has helped me make in my career.”

David Warsofsky

Pittsburgh Penguins Org., formerly played on the following NHL teams:

Boston, NJ, & Colorado

“My manager has never seen such a rapid improvement in such a short time - which is the time I have been doing Neuro.... The results I've been seeing are crazy, Nathan. Honestly at the very beginning I thought this was kind of nuts, but you literally can't deny the results. Thank you so much.”

Ethan Goforth

Pittsburgh Pirates Org.

“Since starting this Neuro program I've increased my pitching velocity over 4 miles per hour. I've also been able to develop a new pitch during this training that is now one of my best pitches. I've been having my best season yet of my professional career. The information I'm learning in this Neuro program applies to my everyday life and advances my baseball skills to new levels. I pick things up quicker. I'm definitely more focused and detailed-oriented. I'm loving this program!”

Brock Whittlesley

Oakland Athletics Org.

“Since starting the Neuro Skills program my pitching velocity jumped a solid 3 to 4 miles per hour. I feel more in-tune with my body. I'm a lot more focused and ready to go. I really enjoy how fun the program is!”

Koty Fallon

San Diego Padres Org.

“Since this Neuro training I've seen major improvements in how I process information. I'm able to fully understand and apply things better. I have a new sense of confidence as a hitter. I'm able to see the ball quicker out of the hand while staying relaxed. Now I have power and can swing with authority. My bat feels powerful, like a weapon that can do damage at the plate. A major difference is my bat speed due to my increased processing speed. There's a new sound behind the barrel that I've never heard before. I can hear the wind as I swing and it sounds different. I didn't think the Neuro training would help me this much – it's definitely way better than I was expecting!”

Josh Bissonette

Pittsburgh Pirates Org.

“Ever since starting Neuro Skills training my reaction-based skills have dramatically improved. Pattern recognition has become second nature. I've been able to self-correct due to increased body awareness. Finding barrels in games has become more consistent. I love it!”

Logan Driscoll

Tampa Bay Rays Org.

“Nothing but good things to say about the cognitive program! Since starting I have literally been wearing down the barrel of my bats because I have been hitting barrels so consistently every single day! I have also noticed a huge difference with concentration levels, being able to focus so much more during the entire day and pitch to pitch than ever before!!”

Jared McDonald

    Oakland Athletics Org.

“In the time I've worked with Nathan, he has expanded my idea of what mental and cognitive growth is. I have improved both my processing speed and visualization skills. I am looking forward to continue to get better using the skills he teaches.”

Edgar Barclay

New York Yankees Org.

“I notice that I've been barreling up balls more since starting the Neuro Skills program. I'm more focused in my thought process at the plate and feel more controlled in my leg kick and body movements at the plate”

Joey Ortiz

Baltimore Orioles Org.

“The Neuro Skills program has helped me improve my body awareness, attention to detail, and to recognize patterns on and off the field.”

Graeme Stinson

Tampa Bay Rays Org.

“All three of my pitches are improving every week since starting this Neuro Skills program. The ball feels live coming out of my hand and my delivery feels more comfortable.”

Ryan Troutman

Pittsburgh Pirates Org.

“Since Neuro training I feel like I'm barreling everything! My swing is smoother. My visualization and pattern recognition have gotten better. I see patterns in pitchers more quickly. My overall focus in every aspect of the game has increased immensely.”

Ian Evans

Baltimore Orioles Org.

“Since starting the Neuro Skills training I've developed a natural consistency and ability to stay within a good routine. Both my body awareness and control are deeper. I have better ability to work through things at the plate - like balance and body control. As a catcher I've been developing comfort with hand-eye abilities and not having to force it. Skills are becoming innate.”

Tyler Malone

San Diego Padres Org.

“The biggest thing I've noticed since doing Neuro is being able to self-correct and adjust my mechanics. For example, I notice the way my pitches roll off my fingers, which improves accuracy and the movement I want for my pitches.”

Alex Roth

Pittsburgh Pirates Org.

“This Neuro Skills program expands my brain in focus, energy, and having a better mindset throughout the day. In my swing I feel so much more balanced. It has helped my swing out a lot - I've been more consistent in barreling up balls.”

Mikey Filia

Kansas City Royals Org.

“Neuro helps me focus more, react faster, see the ball bigger, and barrel more balls!”

Najee Gaskins

San Francisco Giants Org.

“Since I started doing Neuro I've noticed a lot of positive changes in my everyday life and play. I've noticed really good adjustments at the dish when it comes to plate discipline and executing my offensive plan. It's almost emerged seamlessly and subconsciously.... There is certainly validity to Neuro training and very happy I took it on.”

Erik Ostberg

Tampa Bay Rays Org.

“Neuro training is really big for my processing speed: slowing the game down, enhancing my baseball skill/IQ, and being quick with my decisions. I also have more awareness with my body, which is in tune with my brain. I can analyze situations like planning for a pitcher, understanding what he has, and I then know what I'm going to do at the plate. I find ways to get better at baseball as I do these Neuro drills.”

Will Benson
Cleveland Indians Org.

“Since starting Neuro Skills training I have a better feel for my body in space through increased body awareness. My footwork has improved a ton. I'm more coordinated – my upper body and lower body are more sequenced. My slider is getting way better. I don't have to try, but I'm throwing everything in the zone. I can now expand the zone more. I'm getting my fingers to find my pitches more easily on the mound. I'm naturally able to make pitch adjustments, and I'm calculated with what to throw next. I have a better understanding of what makes Big Leaguers great!”

Ben Brecht
Tampa Bay Rays Org.

“I have a lot of moving part in my swing, but now I can tap into the happy medium of not being too tight or too loose. Now I swing in the zone a lot longer, hit breaking balls better, and still keep up with the fastball.”

“Since I started doing Neuro my brain has opened up and I've learned about myself so much more. I can see my future in detail and feel like Neuro is the key to becoming an elite athlete. I am getting smarter and more aware of everything. I can see and feel everything improving weekly as I go deeper and deeper into Neuro. I can now better sequence my body as my brain puts my body into positions: everything moves as one, in sync, and smoother without forcing it. My focus levels and attention to detail have increased 10 times. I have a better feel for my pitches. When I'm pitching in games I can feel my pitches so well that they just roll off my fingers in the right way. I let my subconscious mind take over so I don't self-sabotage. I have more confidence in myself and my pitches. I feel better daily because my brain is in a better space 100%.”

Carter Kieboom
Washington Nationals Org.


Xzavion Curry
Cleveland Indians Org.


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